Upcoming Events

This spring is a busy time for us with the Spring Fling, Golf in Paradise Tournament, and our next Rediscovering Joy Retreat. The heart and soul of ‘Ohana Oasis is providing retreats for parents.  With an ever growing waiting list, we currently have over 90 parents anxious to experience the healing and jumpstart on joy and happiness a retreat provides.

March and April will feature our two biggest fundraisers of this year, with the money raised going directly towards hosting more retreats.

First comes the SPRING FLING on the evening of March 11th in Portland, Oregon.  Check it  out and RSVP for the event by emailing Heidi at heidi@ohana-oasis.com.  And guess what…you don’t have to be in Portland to participate!  Instead of a silent auction we will be doing an opportunity drawing for a variety of prizes. Click here to learn more.

Then on April 7th comes the GOLF IN PARADISE TOURNAMENT on Kaua’i.  Play with us (register here)!  Have a business or know a business looking for ways to give back?  There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities.

May 1-8 brings the best of all…our first retreat of 2017.  And for the first time ever, this will be a retreat exclusively for mothers who went through the death and grieving without a partner.   It promises to be a special time for these special ladies.

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