Retreat and Event News

There is a special group, they are the ‘Ohana Oasis Alumni – parents who’ve already attended a retreat.  That group is now at 30 parents.  When I took a moment to let that sink in, I shared some numbers with those folks.

I’m sharing them with you too, because YOU as a supporter of ‘Ohana Oasis whether it be as a volunteer, donor, or all around cheerleader should be proud of these numbers.  YOU are what has made them possible.

We started with:

  • 100+ people having the faith to donate a total of over $20,000 to a vision of providing an all expenses paid week of peace and restoration, a space for parents to begin the journey of rediscovering joy in life after the death of a child
  • Convincing 3 couples to get on a plane and fly to a remote island for a retreat with no previous history to review and proving to them there would be healing and joy not timeshare pitches or sleeping on the beach
  • A vision solely focused on providing a one week experience to bereaved parents

‘Ohana Oasis has now grown into:

  • 350+ donors and $100,000+ later, our fifth retreat is on the calendar
  • 30 and soon to be 38 parents have had the unique ‘Ohana Oasis experience
  • An ever growing waiting list of 140 parents eagerly anticipating their chance to experience a retreat
  • A year round, multi-faceted support network for bereaved parents including:
    • An alumni network that includes planning a 2020 reunion on Kaua’i
    • Regular email messages for any bereaved parents who want to subscribe (you can subscribe here)
    • A Facebook group for all grieving parents to connect and support one another (sign up here)

Now on to the future:

Retreat News

Because of the generosity of our donors, we are able to host a second retreat this year, serving another 8 parents.  These parents get to leave winter behind for a week and come to Kaua’i  December 4th – 11th.   We are so looking forward to spending a week with each of them.

Event News

With the help of some super star volunteers, we have two events coming up this Fall. I’d like to personally invite you to attend if you are near Denver or Portland, or even if you aren’t…Both of these cities have plenty to offer.  So consider one of these fundraisers your excuse to go on an extended weekend get away 🙂

Denver:smaller version

Purchase your tickets here



Purchase your tickets here


And of course, if you can’t attend either event but want to help get our waiting list of parents to a retreat, we always we have a variety of ways for you to do that 😉  Click here

Most Important of All…

Mahalo for being part of our ‘ohana and bringing PEACE, RESTORATION, and rediscovered JOY to so many bereaved parents!

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