We Remember and Haven’t Forgotten

I had no plans to write this letter to you. I am so thankful for you all who are an important part of the work we are tirelessly doing to serve the parents who have already applied for our services.  But with the recent school shooting in Parkland we are once again faced with the tragedy of the death of children. Every parent, grandparent, aunt and uncle undoubtedly gave their children an extra tight hug, thankful it wasn’t them in the school, that they were still able to hug them.  Maybe this was even you.

As a bereaved parent myself, I just couldn’t stand by any longer silent in my empathy for these parents, knowing the long, hard, and winding path of grief they are just beginning. I thought of the many, many parents of previous school shootings who are still walking the path of grief, who may be wondering if their children have been forgotten, as if their grief is no longer valid.

Many feel powerless to create positive change from something so incredibly awful. Because of this national focus and desire to just do something, I sent a personal open letter titled ‘We Remember’  to ensure the parents from previous school shootings are not forgotten, nor are their children.

My only concern in moving forward was this…we already have a waiting list it will take 20 retreats to serve. How can we in good conscience extend further invitations?  Here’s what we’ve come up with. We’re making a special effort to reach out to major corporations to sponsor these new parents. We are also hopeful this campaign will raise awareness of the organization as a whole.

We want our existing parents to know we remember them as well.  It will cost $480,000 to host those twenty retreats. It’s a lofty goal, but we can do it.  Here’s how:

When you give, you are making retreats possible.  For example, a gift of:

  • $30 funds healing activities for one parent
  • $50 funds a welcome bag
  • $100 funds a memorable day excursion for a parent
  • $250 funds all healing activities for a whole retreat
  • $500 funds a celebration dinner for a whole retreat
  • $850 funds one full day of a couple’s participation in a retreat
  • $1,000 funds all ground transportation for a retreat
  • $1,500 funds all homestyle meals
  • $3,000 funds one parent’s full participation in a retreat
  • $6,000 funds a couple’s full participation in a retreat

When you give at least $20 your name will be added to our ‘Ohana Wall,demonstrating the community of love and support to our parents.

Will you do me one more favor… Share our information with your friends, family and co-workers by forwarding this email and via social media https://www.facebook.com/OhanaOasis/?

My love and gratitude to you for your heart and compassion for bereaved parents,


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