Spring Season

Empowering bereaved parents to live a life of joy and purpose

What an inspiring Spring season for ‘Ohana Oasis and it’s launching us into an even more rewarding Fall.  Here’s what’s been happening on our little remote island of Kaua’i.

   Cinco de Mayo Golf Tournament

Thank you to the over twenty volunteers, almost 100 players and our title sponsor, Oceanfront Sotheby’s, for making our golf tournament a success!

Not only was it a fun day on the course, it was also inspiring. We were fortunate enough to have Kane’s Mom, a former retreat participant, on island who shared about her ‘Ohana Oasis experience with everyone.  At the end of the day, we raised enough to grant another four parents a safe space for peace and restoration so they can begin the journey of rediscovering joy in life.

If you weren’t able to participate in the tournament, but still want to give bereaved parents the highest quality, most transformative experience without financial burden we are always accepting donations!  You can give here.

Speaking of retreats…      
We’ll be hosting another traditional retreat for four sets of parents from the mainland. They will be immersed in Kaua’i’s aloha, a culture centered around ‘ohana (family), and nature’s healing gifts in the most isolated spot on earth, where they will experience a safe space to do the hard work of healing  in December.

I’m thrilled to announce we’re also developing a retreat specifically for Hawai’i residents, bringing together parents for healing and restoration as well as supportive, lifelong connections.

And finally, we are in full swing with We Remember, an outreach we began following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Here at ‘Ohana Oasis we thought immediately of the parents left behind and the long, hard, and winding path of grief they are just beginning. We remember the many, many parents of previous school shootings who are still walking the path of grief. I sent a personal open letter titled ‘We Remember’  to ensure the parents from previous school shootings are not forgotten, nor are their children. This letter personally invites them to participate in a retreat. If gun violence dismays you, this is a positive way to support those who have been most deeply affected.

Alumni Corner

Our retreat parents form a forever network of kindred spirits who can continue their journey together. This is the alumni network. This network has a committee planning a 2020 reunion available to any alumni who’d like to include a three day ‘Ohana Oasis gathering in their 2020 vacation plans.

Then there’s the marriage of cultivating leaders within our alumni and serving more new parents.  We have six alumni who are in a training to become facilitators of future retreats – making it possible to host exponentially more retreats each year.

Going Big…
It was clear at the close of 2017 we had a problem…more demand than available resources. The Board of Directors all agreed it was time for us to run full steam ahead in figuring out how to serve the most parents possible.  Put simply, we decided to go big or go home. To that end we’ve spent the first half of the year analyzing and leveraging everything we do from top to bottom. Part of that is tracking our progress. Would you please do me a favor, and take two minutes to fill out this survey?   

Mahalo for your support!  Together we are…

Empowering bereaved parents to live a life of joy and purpose


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