HAPPY New Year


HAPPY new year! Heidi, founder of Ohana Oasis here. For the last several years I’ve set intentions for the upcoming year. When I started brainstorming for 2019 I quickly saw all points leading into one direction, being happy.

Capturing and then implementing the vision of Ohana Oasis has brought me years of true happiness. So much so that the process by which I dreamt up Ohana Oasis and then made it a reality, is a large part of the focus in the Embracing the Future portion of our retreats.

As Ohana Oasis marches into its sixth year what I’ve found personally is it’s time to grow and stretch again, to discover the other ways I experience happiness and nurture those.

So, I decided to make one sweeping intention – dedicate 2019 to digging into happiness. What it is for me today, what the research says it is, what I can do to ensure it’s an internal gig…well you get the idea. Being the person I am, I immediately started researching books on the topic. It turns out someone else has done this. Her name is Gretchen Rubin and she wrote all about it in her book, The Happiness Project.

Feeling no need to re-invent the wheel, I’m following her template and doing my own happiness project. Over the last four years of conversations with many parents, it seems juggling living a truly happy life with purpose alongside holding space for the deep sorrow of loss is a circus act we all practice to varying levels of success. With that in mind I’m sharing my year long journey with those who want to follow along.

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