Purpose and Growth

I’ve got my energy marching orders in hand. What else must I tackle right away in January to set myself up for success in happiness? I know I need to take daily steps in living on purpose. Some people feel they have one over arching purpose in this life. That may be the case, but what I’m talking about is the present purpose or maybe better put, growth.  Growth in pursuing a mission/vision/idea that can be a driving force towards goal setting in any given chapter in a person’s life. It can be winning a particular race, learning a new skill, setting up a non-profit, you get the idea…

Sometimes I’m diligent in taking a few minutes in the morning to do an intentional practice of setting my purpose for the day. Then I get lazy. But that 10-15 minutes makes a tremendous impact on my day so here’s to a year of mornings that include:

  • Recognizing three things I’m grateful for
  • Setting my intention for the day/asking what the day can hold for me
  • 5 minute meditation

What other things that keep me on track to living a purposeful life? Reading inspiring books – okay I can read at least one a month in 2019. And journaling. I’ve been doing it since 5th grade, but I want to be specific to this endeavor. And it feels more purposeful if I share it. So I’m taking a huge leap of faith by sharing with others and committing to a regular blog about this grand adventure.

And that’s a wrap to January’s resolutions for setting myself up for success in Mission Happiness 2019.

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