Cleaning Out the Closet

Weekends. For me they’re hit and miss. Sometimes they’re epic… filled with fun and adventure. Other times they’re kind of a let down. Those times when I figure “everyone” else is out there on amazing and wonderful adventures while I’m sitting at home watching TV and doing a puzzle. Anyone else ever feel that way?

I was kind of secretly wishing that the happiness gods would reward my dedication to spending a year with them by laying one of those epic weekends at my door-step. Spoiler alert, they didn’t.

Instead they said it was time to clear out the closets and make room for more happiness. Part of moving forward is letting go of old stories, patterns, beliefs that are not only no longer serving me, but are holding me back. Have any of those? Obviously I do! And the deeper I dig to get to the roots of what happiness is for me, the more I see those old, no longer useful things and am faced with a conscious decision of holding on or letting them go.

Coincidentally, over the weekend a friend of mine organized a little gathering around her fire pit. It was a time for letting go of exactly those things. We wrote them down then threw them in the fire, watching them disintegrate to ash. This type of ceremony isn’t a novel approach. I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. But have you actually done it? I’d contemplated doing it. I’ve written down things I’ve wanted to release multiple times. But for me the physical act and ceremony of throwing them in the fire and watching them burn made me think more seriously about what I was really ready to let go of. And while we didn’t share what we wrote with each other, the feeling of community and ceremony of doing it together lent a sense of accountability and support for each other’s intentions.

It was a sweet evening that led to a sweet weekend filled with fully appreciating the chance to connect with a couple of friends, getting out in the ocean taking in this beautiful place I’m privileged to call home, and a little bit of puzzle and TV too.

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