Noticing the Happiness Moments

A faded red camp chair, a laptop computer, sand between my toes and an ocean for a view. Now that’s my kind of work-space. Yep, I was experiencing a happiness moment at work yesterday. Sure, the setting itself brought a sense of peace, relaxation, and happiness. But it was more than that. I felt in the flow of inspiration, coming up with new ideas and fresh ways of approaching existing challenges. For me being in the flow of inspiration makes me happy. So how do I successfully create more room in my daily life for this?

Well, certainly being outside in a beautiful environment doesn’t hurt and I am fortunate enough to have plenty of accessible spots so perhaps I need to include getting outside to work in to my regular routine.

Secondarily, what created the environment for me to get in to that flow? I wish I could simply sit down and be in that space, but unfortunately it doesn’t come that easily for me. It takes some effort before it becomes effortless. I was disciplined – I knew I had a goal and wouldn’t allow myself to be distracted from it. I was quiet – quiet in my mind, shutting off all the internal dialogue and preconceived ideas of the way it should be. I was patient – I kept at it until the ideas started popping. I was ready – meaning I’ve already been thinking about and studying this work I needed to do.


  • As you go through your day notice when you feel happy, what brings that sense of happiness?
  • How can you create more room in your daily life for the things that bring happiness?
  • Have you ever felt that sense of inspiration, of being in flow where time seems to stand still and things just come? What were you doing?

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