The Pursuit of Purpose

One of my main objectives this month is intentionally pursuing my current purpose. How am I doing? And before I go any further, I know… I know…. ‘pursuing my purpose’ can sound so vague and perhaps unattainable. Not unattainable because the purpose isn’t achievable, but because figuring out what one’s purpose is at any given moment can be a pain in the ass. Unfortunately purpose doesn’t typically jump out from behind a building and say, “Surprise! Here I am taking a walk with you.” Oftentimes she has a much more subtle and gentle approach. She whispers in your ear and watches to see if you listened. She may leave a little sign along the way that you’ll only catch if you’re watching for it. She has to know you really want her to join you.

How am I discovering what purposeful life looks like for me right now? The universe is constantly trying to use JOY as a way of communicating with us. If you’re feeling the twinge of joy keep going, and if you aren’t turn back. Furthermore, if you don’t listen to those messages of joy the universe will use suffering and pain to get your attention.

For far too long I only listened once I was in pain and suffering; I much prefer the joy route. With that in mind, first and foremost I ask myself what brings me joy.

I mentioned it last week, one of the times I’ve felt the happiest in all aspects of my life was in the creation and implementation of ‘Ohana Oasis. Since that’s such a clear and tangible example it makes sense to me to deconstruct it. Figure out what exactly about it brought me joy and happiness.

Right away I know it was the clear sense of inspired creating. A goal to work towards. It didn’t really matter that no one else had done it, that some people thought I was crazy, that I had never done anything like it. I had that inner knowing it was what I was supposed to do so I also trusted that if I did the work, took the steps, things would come together. That the right people and resources would show up if I upheld my end of the bargain and showed up for this mission.

It was exhilarating. I knew I was in the ‘zone’. Things didn’t always go easily, there was a lot of trial and error. But that was all okay and part of the process and it didn’t dampen my happiness factor. This is because my happiness wasn’t based on anything external, it was on the internal process of creating, growing, following my mission, learning new things, meeting new people, expanding my world, and maybe most of all trusting the process.


  • Do you respond more to pain or joy? And if it’s pain are you willing to listen to joy instead?
  • What brings you joy? Can you do more of it?

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