Checking In

It’s half way through January and so far so good. I’m sticking to my resolutions – not completely, but a majority of the time, which I actually see as more promising. It means I can fall off the horse for a day, but hop right back on. For me that feels more like a way of life in the making than getting a 100% in the beginning, but then once I fall I’m toast. I think the biggest reason for this success is it’s working. I can honestly say I am happier in the day-to-day moments and aware of that feeling.

So what’s working? My healthy choices in eating and physical activity have made a difference in my energy levels and my feelings about myself. I respect myself more because of the healthy choices I’m making and the more I feel that the more motivated I am to value my health and my body.

My morning practice of gratitude has crept into my entire day. I find myself consciously grateful for things throughout the day. I’ve even seen a shift in perception about the unexpected challenges. Instead of being upset about them, I see that things happen FOR me instead of TO me. It means I’m curious about what other options are out there and perhaps better than what I had previously been counting on.

The commitment I’ve made to following my purpose is coming along and I find joy in that journey, in being purposeful and having a goal to work towards. The creativity is energizing and fun.

Two more weeks and it’ll be February, which means adding a set of resolutions in a new area of happiness. I think I know what it’s going to be now to do some research and zero in on actionable items to practice….

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