A Very Happy Week

My BFF and her family arrived here on Kaua’i the other day. This means I know it’ll be a very happy week! Spending time with them makes me happy. Not only in the moment, but even in the anticipation of them coming and preparing for their arrival I found myself smiling, walking with an extra spring in my step. What about this anticipation brought happiness?

Well, of course knowing I’d get to spend time with someone I carry about and have fun with was a major component. But are there other things about the anticipation? Yes, I liked preparing for their arrival – how could I make their late night landing with two toddlers a smooth one? How could I ensure they would have a good time while here on island? Put simply, I enjoy playing host to the people I love. So how can I incorporate playing host into my day-to-day life? I used to do a lot more of that, but since moving into a place that isn’t conducive to entertaining I’ve let that fall by the wayside…

Now back to the obvious part, spending time with my BFF. What makes her my BFF and our time together so awesome? It’s a lot of things, but they all boil down to one simple factor, with her I feel a level of trust and belonging where I let down my guard completely and am my introspective, quiet, goofy, silly, and everything else self. And I think she feels the same. Of course we have close to fifteen years of history and nurturing our relationship, which goes a long way, but we knew very early on we had a connection. We just built on that already solid foundation. How can I invite this trust and sense of belonging into more of my life? I’ll make belonging February’s focus.

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