Belonging and Connection

So this is a little late in coming. Among other things I was sick for over a week. But alas, I’m back in the saddle. February is about belonging and connection. Meaningful relationships of all sorts are often what bring life to an experience.   Something as simple as a sunset shared, even in silence, has an added element to it. I like the feeling of someone witnessing the same colors and still moments of nature’s artistry next to me.

A sense of belonging is a tricky one.  It’s something I believe we all need and crave at some level, yet it can be hard to feel and achieve. It takes a level of vulnerability and effort. For me there’s an inner tension between my need for independence and connecting.

Connection to others is such a rich part of life. Sometimes it’s easy for me and other times it’s not. I am by nature an introvert and doing things solo is my natural default. This month I will concentrate on exploring simple and comfortable ways to make connections be they smiling at someone in the grocery store who looks grumpy to having a vulnerable conversation with someone who’s earned my trust.

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