Experiencing Success

March is quickly winding down and it’s time to set up goals for April. I have an excel spreadsheet with the goals for each month building upon one another. I was a little scared to pull it up because while I set it up to check off daily, I’ve been woefully delinquent in the tracking department. I was pleasantly surprised to see I’ve actually been staying the course. Most of the things I set out to do in January – March, well at least the ones I found to be helpful, I’ve incorporated into my daily habits. Yay!

I’m encouraged. I’m encouraged because even though I haven’t turned my year of happiness into some big huge project that’s the center of my focus, it’s working! I can feel and see how the areas of focus so far…

  • Energy – Protecting and generating enough to show up
  • Belonging – First to myself, then with others
  • Relationships – Investigating dynamics, improving communication etc. of all sorts of interpersonal relationships

By focusing on each of these my sense of overall happiness has increased. I can also now see where setting the intention and some tangible goals have had further mileage than I thought possible with the scant attention I’ve paid to tracking my diligence (or lack thereof). This has been a huge lesson for me. Results come from:

  • Setting an intention
  • Identifying tangible and realistic ways to achieve the intention
  • Follow through

Furthermore, I’ve found critical components to each of the bullet points that have made my journey even easier. I’ll actually post the rest of this week to break down each of them individually.

See you tomorrow.

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