Good Intentions

Going into 2019 I had an over arching intention – having more happiness in my life.   In order to achieve this I found it necessary to break it down into definable, actionable steps that could bring about my intention to be more happy.

Now the big question is why is it this year, with these intentions it’s been easy and natural to follow through versus other years when the goals were just as worthy, and maybe even more concrete, and my self-discipline has been better?

It all started with my big intention. I chose something I wanted in every bone of body and believed I could achieve. It is something I know I have a right to and is in my power to change. If any of those elements in my mindset hadn’t been present, this year would’ve looked like any other. I would’ve been fighting harder for results that came less readily.

With this winning, though subconscious until now, mindset about being happier I marched on with setting monthly themes towards my intention. In each of these I’ve chosen areas of my life where I specifically see room for improvement in the way I interact with them. I saw there were either things I could learn and then apply or already knew, but needed the motivation to implement. Tomorrow I’ll share how I identified tangible and realistic ways to achieve being more happy.


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