Here’s What’s Shaking

As we near the end of summer and launch into fall it’s time to reflect on what we’ve been doing and where we are going as an organization. Our primary purpose continues to be providing week-long retreats for bereaved parents. This takes considerable resources and our Board of Directors has grappled time and time again on how to meet the overwhelming need with our limited resources.

Thank you to all of those who’ve made our previous retreats a reality!  You have changed lives. And I would be remiss if I didn’t provide an opportunity to donate here to make more retreats happen for the hundreds on our waiting list.



“We are happy again. ‘Ohana Oasis helped us out of the hole of grief.  It took our week of healing on Kaua’i through the ‘Ohana Oasis retreat to open our eyes and hearts.”
             -Charlee’s Parents


Here are the ways we’ve created to maximize our resources:

Expanding Our Reach

We do our best to serve as many bereaved parents as we can. Yet there is no way to host a retreat for every bereaved parent.  Even if we could, we’d only be scratching the surface of those touched by grief. To that end we’ve been working hard to create a variety of resources for everyone grappling with any kind of loss. These include:

A Workbook:  We have a workbook of ‘Ohana Oasis retreat exercises! It’s an eight-week course with detailed instructions walking the person through Honoring the Past, Living in the Moment, and Embracing the Future.  (supporters – this could be a great resource to give your grieving loved ones)

For the Supporters: Speaking of supporters… We’ve got a web page with ideas and a downloadable pdf at the bottom just for you!

Speaking Engagements: 
Based on her experience, Founder Heidi Low speaks to grief, what it looks like and how it’s possible to use it as a catalyst for positive change.

In fact, for those of you on Kaua’i, save the date for September 5th!

 Building Our Leadership

We now have a robust group of parents who’ve experienced one of our retreats. Many of them have stepped up to the plate.  Some examples of their leadership include serving on our Board of Directors, planning our five-year all alumni reunion on their dime 😉, and becoming future retreat facilitators. To date, we have six parents who’ve gone through extensive training to be on the front lines leading future retreats.


Calling all Portland folk….Save the Date for our Signature fundraiser, the Giving for Joy Gala. November 9th is three short months away and It’s time to Reserve your seat or table now.  You can also inquire here about our limited number of event sponsorships.

If you can’t make it to Giving for Joy and still want to help, please help us reach our goal of 1,000 monthly donors at just $10 a month.  Click here to set up a recurring donation and make a difference.


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