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With the recent school shooting in Parkland we are once again faced with the tragedy of the death of children. Every parent, grandparent, aunt and uncle undoubtedly gave their children an extra tight hug; thankful it wasn’t them in the school, that they were still able to hug them. Maybe this was even you.

Here at Ohana Oasis we thought immediately of the parents left behind and the long, hard, and winding path of grief they are just beginning. We thought of the many, many parents of previous school shootings who are still walking the path of grief, who may be wondering if their children have been forgotten, as if their grief is no longer valid.

Many feel powerless to create positive change from something so incredibly awful. Because of this national focus and desire to just do something, I sent a personal open letter titled ‘We Remember’  to ensure the parents from previous school shootings are not forgotten, nor are their children. This letter personally invites them to participate in a retreat.

Will you help make this experience possible for these parents?

Give the gift of rediscovered happiness to bereaved parents by sponsoring our We Remember program.   Our sponsor levels are the following, which include mentions on our website, in our social media platforms, and in pre and post news releases about our We Remember program.

Sponsor Levels:

  • Parent Sponsor: $3,000 funds one parent’s full participation in a retreat
  • Family Sponsor: $6,000 funds a couple’s full participation in a retreat
  • Half Retreat Sponsor: $12,000 funds half the costs of a retreat for four parents
  • Full Retreat Sponsor: $24,000 funds the entire cost of a retreat for eight parents

For other items you can fund at all levels, click here.

We also have opportunities for you to be part of our Endowment Founders group, bringing rediscovered hope to bereaved parents in perpetuity. Endowment seeds begin at $50,000 and include customized promotion packages for corporate sponsors.

For more information contact Heidi at heidi@ohanaoasis.org.

You can donate here or send a check to: P.O. Box 758, Kilauea, HI 96754

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