“We were given space…space to grieve and space to dream. Space to be exactly who we are, in our new skin as a bereaved parent. We were given understanding and acceptance and compassion unlike we will experience anywhere else.” – Vienne’s Mom

The Inspiration

Thanks to the generosity of Sidewayz Films we have a video where founder, Heidi Low, shares about the loss of her daughter Alison, the inspiration behind Ohana Oasis and the road to rediscovering joy in life. You can give the gift of…


Become part of our ohana(family) by giving the gift of rediscovered happiness to bereaved parents.  When you give, you are making retreats possible. You can also donate “In Memory of” a loved one. Donate directly by debit or credit card…

Founder's Blog

Here’s What’s Shaking

As we near the end of summer and launch into fall it’s time to reflect on what we’ve been doing and where we are going as an organization. Our primary purpose continues to be providing week-long retreats for bereaved parents….

Expanding Our Reach

As a follower of ‘Ohana Oasis, it’s probably safe to say you at least know someone who has been touched by significant loss. We as a society struggle with grief. And yet it’s one of the few things we’re all destined to…


Motherhood. Unfortunately for thousands of moms every year their version is one without their child. Motherhood is a club some are excited to join and others are dragged into, it is however a club once joined we never leave willingly….